What’s the Difference?

Potato, potahto

“Hmpf,” Andy said as took a bite of his lunch meat sandwich. “What’s the difference?”

“All right. I’ll play,” Denise said. “What’s the difference between what and what?”

“Well, this turkey and ham both have ‘deli shaved’ as a feature for the meat. What’s the difference between being deli shaved and the meat being shaved somewhere else, say like in a factory? Don’t they all use the same machines?”

“Deli makes you think professional and clean and error free. Also makes you think the meat’s going to be rice-paper thin, you know, the kind you can see through. That way they can get more slices per package and make you think you’re getting more than you actually are. And the whole shaved word reminds you of that shaved ice with sugar water flavoring on top of it.”

Andy smiled and said, “A cynic now, eh? You don’t think there’s anything more to it than that?”

“Not really. But I really wonder where the Black Forest is and why the pig had to be cut there.”

“I don’t know why, but Germany comes to mind. Is there a Black Forest there?”

“No no no. I know what you’re thinking of. You’re thinking German Chocolate Cake.”

“Say what? How does that relate?”

“It doesn’t,” Denise said. “But be a good husband and just shave off some of the chocolate cake that’s in the fridge for our dessert. Just a shave will do, you know, a paper thin slice.”



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