What’s in a Name?

They had traveled from base to base and had shared many hotel rooms along the way. From their basic training through technical training and on to their first permanent assignment, Rod Luettengoen and Sam Jones filled out base paperwork and registered lodging together as required by their orders. Most of the clerks were afraid of mispronouncing Rod’s name and embarrassing themselves in the process. So they overlooked military protocol and called him by his first name. Both men knew the routine at each registration point.

Sam knew the time would come when he could have a little fun with the names. Since they handed in their paperwork together, they were called up and process them one by one.

A clerk got Sam’s attention and motioned for him to come over.

“How do you pronounce your name, sir?”

“Jones. J-o-n-e-s. Jones.”

The clerk laughed and said, “Wise guy, huh?”

“Not trying to be. The other guy’s Luettengoen.”

“I know that…now. Thanks. That’s what I needed to know for when I call him up here. Your paperwork’s in order, Airman Jones. You’ve been helpful,”

“That’s it?”

“Yes, that’s it. Airman Luettengoen?” the clerk called out.


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