What’s in a word?

Forrest picked up the shampoo bottle and blinked a few times.

“See this, Honey?” Forrest said. “It says it’ll volumize my hair.”

Rachel looked at Forrest’s head. “It’ll need to do more than that. You’re as bald as a grapefruit.”

“Hey hey. So I am. Think I could sue them if I try it and it doesn’t quite volumize my hair per my expectations?”

“Good luck with the jury trying to define volumizing. More luck if you can get them to stop laughing at the lawsuit. It’s a made up word so the marketers can do their thing.”

“Also says, it’ll give me extra body.”

“Whatever. You’re the big shot lawyer in town. If you want to go after this multinational conglomerate over extra body and volumizing, be my guest. I’ll be at my mother’s if you do.”

“Oh, come on, Rache. Where’s your sense of humor? Says it’s got vitamins and oils and is perfect for the whole family.”

“Forrest, can you do something else except read shampoo bottles at the breakfast table? Good thing I didn’t get the conditioner or we’d never get you off to work.”


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