Used Tires

A prank not soon forgotten

Word went out on the police scanner at midnight on Saturday that there were about three dozen high school students gathered in front of the high school. Nothing unusual about that on a Spring weekend night. Four squad cars, however, were dispatched to the scene, but the students had already dispersed.

The police notified Principal John Forster of the incident, but as long as no one was hurt, he’d wait until the next school day to investigate.

When he arrived on Monday morning, he smiled at what he saw, knowing it was obviously Seniors playing a prank.

In front of the school were three poles, one each for the United States flag, the State flag, and the school flag. On the school and State flag poles were twenty tires stacked from the bottom up. Students had formed a chain and scaled the 50-foot poles, hauling tires with them. They threw the tires over the top of the poles and the tires dropped to the bottom.

“Clever,” Principal Forster said when he saw the tires and the work and planning that must have gone into it.

But when he saw the sign spread across the three poles, he knew he was the butt of the joke, and he was okay with that, too.

The sign, printed on a giant white cloth banner, read:


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