Under Your Thumb

The taunting was just too much.

I see what you’ve been trying to do all my life, crush me. Go ahead. You’ve been chomping at the bit every time you’ve walked past. Every single time.

Not sure why you haven’t done it yet. You do it in more subtle ways already. I’ve been under your thumb since Day One and you know it. Just because you’re bigger and stronger and more intelligent, you think you can go ahead and do me in. Nothing’s standing in your way.

Come on. What are you afraid of? Just do it already. Say you’re going to make an example of me or something, as if I’m invading your precious space. What a pathetic loser you are, picking on me, taunting me the way you do. I see the disgusting look you have on your face. I see the disdain in your eyes for me and others like me, others you don’t like.

Believe me, I wish it could be the other way around and I was under your thumb for just one day – just once – but that’s not physically possible and you know it. So you’ll continue to taunt and provoke me, annoying me, and for what reason? Because you can.

Clarence walked by one last time, and with his thumb, he pressed on the wall. thereby ending the short and terrible life of Alex the ant, wiping the remains on his jeans.


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