There You Go

A phrase here, a phrase there…

Branson finished his homework in record time so he could get some gaming time in with friends across town before heading to bed. He handed the two pages to his father to look over.

“See, Dad, I can do my homework fast when I really want.”

“Well, there you go!”

“Huh? What’s that mean?”

“There you go? Good question. Never really thought about it before. It’s more of an attaboy or a pat on the back, you know, way to go!”

“Attaboy? What’s that?”

“Come on. You know what it means, son. It means good job, nice work, good going.”

“So, why didn’t you just say that?” asked Branson.

“If I said that over and over and over again, it’d get stale and overused, so we use different phrases to mean essentially the same thing.”

“Would you say ‘attaboy’ to a girl?”

“No, that would be ‘attagirl.’ Same difference.”

Branson said, “Same difference? Your generation has some truly odd phrases.”

“You mean like ‘woke’ and ‘sorry not sorry’ and ‘word’ and ‘sus,’ like those?”

Branson paused and laughed at his father using terms he was using that day in school.

“Well, there you go!” Branson said.



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