The Winds of Change

Short Story Day 135 of 365

“Hey, how long you been down here?” he asked.

“A few days, maybe more.”

“Growing bigger with each wind gust, I see.”

“Not my fault,” she said.

“Hey hey, don’t be so touchy. No one’s blaming you.”

“Where’d you come from?” she asked.

“Seriously? You have to ask that?”

“No, just trying to pass the time.”

“What do you say we join forces and get ourselves out of this…er, mess we’re in,” he said.

“You must be new to this game. You just can’t get bigger and get out of here in any normal way.”

“Then, what are you here for?”

She said, “Good question.”

“Maybe it was just Fate or something.”

“I just call it the winds of change,” she said.

He smiled and said, “Oh, I see what you did there. Clever.”

“Whatever. Got any ambitions?”

“Nope. You?” he asked.

“I want to make it past April. Then, I get to see some more creepy crawlers.”

“The creepy crawlers don’t scare you?”

“Pfft. I’m a dust bunny. I don’t scare easy.”

“Yeah, I know the feeling.”


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