The Switcheroo

And the conversation that ensured

While the wife in 27B never asked Brennan to move because her large muscle-bound husband was in 28B directly behind her, Brennan saw the problem right away and invited the husband forward to switch places.

Big mistake.

Miss Goth in 28A and Complainer in 28C would see to Brennan’s discomfort. The sniffling mother of the coughing baby behind Brennan didn’t help either.

Brennan tried to sit back and relax, but it was difficult with people still shoving luggage in the overhead bins and the interior lights still on.

“Can you believe they jam this many people onto this metal tube? There should be a law again it. Why can’t people just drive to their destinations?” the 28C Complainer asked.

“Why didn’t you drive?” said Brennan, opening an eye to watch her reaction.

“Can’t drive. Lost my license. Too far. Which excuse would you like to hear?”

“Oh, a goody two shoes, are we?” said Goth in 28A.

“No,” Brennan said. “But if you’re going to complain about others not driving, you probably should ask different questions.”

Goth said, “Oh yeah?”


“Like what?” Complainer asked.

“Well, how can I make the best of a difficult situation?” Brennan said. “How can I encourage and cheer up my fellow travelers who are in the exact situation I’m in? How can I make life enjoyable and bearable for those around me?”

“Do you ask those questions?” Goth asked.

“No, but I accept things that are dealt to me,” Brennan said. “And I don’t voice my complaints to people who can’t change my situation.”

“Well, aren’t we special?” said Complainer.

“No, I just look at things with a positive spin. Beats the alternative,” Brennan said, closing his eyes and resting his head on the headrest.

“Which is?” asked Goth.

Brennan straightened his head, looked at Goth and then at Complainer, and then rested his head again.

“Accept the things you can’t change,” said Brennan. “Make lemonade out of the lemons you’re handed. You know, that type of thing.”

“So, you really believe that mumbo jumbo?” Goth asked.

“It’s not something you believe or disbelieve. It’s just reality. You can complain or not. You can find peace in the chaos or not. You can love life or hate it. It’s all about the choices we make in life, isn’t it? Then you don’t have to worry about bitterness or hate. You accept the choices you make or you change them. And sometimes you make someone’s life a little better.”

“Are you for real?” Complainer asked. “Who thinks like that?”

“Yep, the guy you’re talking to is for real,” the man in 27C said, as he unbuckled and rose. “He practices what he preaches. If he didn’t, I’d be sitting between the two of you, and I can guarantee you, the conversation would be much more unpleasant for you.”



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