The Spark

Short Story Day 45 of 365

When she dropped him off for his walk, they exchanged places in the vehicle. He would go for his daily walk and she would drive home and wait for him to show up an hour later. It was a habit he had done for a year now. On the way, he’d listen to music or a podcast or nothing at all.

He put on his golf cap backwards so the bill wouldn’t hit his wife’s face before his lips met hers. Turns out it would’ve been better if it had hit her forehead first.

The static electric spark that went from lip to lip startled them at first and then made them giggle like school kids. He joked about it being an electrifying experience, and she laughed because she always laughs at his jokes.

He put his headphones on; she got into the car and drove off.

As she passed him a half minute later, she tapped her horn and he waved, not looking over because he knew who was honking.

They would meet up again in an hour, but they would both remember the spark they shared earlier in the day, and probably chuckle about it years later.

It’s just the kind of memory that exists between two people in love.

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