The Sojourner

The destination is worth the journey.

I saw my destination from a distance. I knew it would take me the better part of three hours if I paced myself. But I also knew the hazards, some worse than others.

But was it a pipe dream, a goal I’d never be able to reach?

I don’t know, but I had to find out.

My buddies had already made the trek, so why couldn’t I? And why didn’t I go with them when they went? Too busy sleeping and just lounging around, that’s why.

My journey began when the sun came up. As long as I kept my eye on the goal, I’d be fine. Yes, there would be quite a bit of time when I wouldn’t be able to see the goal, but I knew that starting out. I had my eyes fixed on that goal when I could and aimed in the general direction when I couldn’t.

Of course, they say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, but mine was much more modest than a thousand miles. To me, though, it seemed like a thousand.

I knew starting early would keep my risks to a minimum, especially on a Saturday. The later it got, the more danger I’d be in.

One foot in front of the other. One foot in front of the other.

I had to keep reminding myself that when the danger would begin, which was when I switched levels. Once I did that, there was no going back. Inch by inch. Step by painstaking step. No turning back

“Whoa! What was that? Oh, two in a row. Near miss, that one. Keep focused. Keep marching onward. No stopping. Keep going. Keep walking.”

Whoosh, whoosh.

“Eww, what was that? Ah the nerve. Oil or water from the A/C. Focus. Focus, Dude. The goal, the goal. You know where it is. Stay focused.”

I really need new friends after this. I can’t believe they risked it all without inviting me along. That’s half the fun of an adventure like this.

Come to think of it, though, they went in the dark of night. On the one hand, darkness was much more dangerous per incident, but fewer incidents. My risk of starting in the middle of the day had plenty more incidents, but I was much more visible. Which is better? I’ll tell you when I get there. One incident would be enough to do us all in.

I do hope this is the last time. The risks I’m taking is just too much for this to continue. My nerves can’t handle it.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

Wow, that third car – a German luxury car, figures – that was a close one! Is he blind?

The goal. March towards the goal.

Oh, I do hope my buds don’t decide to return especially while I’m en route. That’d be depressing. Maybe they can just live out their days on the far side of the road near that pond.

Crossing busy roads is not what we turtles are designed to do.



  1. My goodness! You had my imagination working overtime, trying to decide what “his” goal was! And that lasted until the penultimate paragraph! 😄

  2. Oh my goodness what a worry wart! So indecisive. I felt like this turtle when I ran my 1st Marathon I acted like a turtle but when I made it over the finish line all my worries were gone. One foot in front of the other. You can do it all things are achievable. Good writing David.

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