The Question

Short Story Day 54 of 365

Twenty years later, Jack and Molly Aden were discussing and chuckling about ‘the question’ a waitress once asked them.

“What brings you here today?”

“In another context,” Jack said, “Say, at a border town or when someone’s flying into a country, the question would’ve been fine. But we were in a chain restaurant during a busy holiday season in a suburban town.” 

Jack didn’t remember what his response was because the question caught him off guard. In his mind, there were two options: ‘lunch’ or ‘a few drinks.’ Since they were at a booth away from the bar, a third option could have been ‘both.’

“Did she expect us to go swimming or skating or watch a movie while we were there?” Jack asked.

“Ah, don’t be so hard on her. I’m sure it was a memorized line the company made them say because if you recall, she did say it to the other customers when she first greeted them.”

“Granted, but maybe our thinking about this is all wrong. Perhaps she’s thinking of her legacy.”

Molly asked, “Legacy? How so?”

“When’s the last time you remembered something 20 years ago?”

“Point noted.”

“Though I doubt it,” said Jack. “Could you pick her out in a crowd if you saw her?”

“No way.”

“Me neither.” Jack said. “That shoots down my legacy theory. All right then. Go with your first instinct. It was just a really dumb question. A memorable one but a dumb one too.”

“So, what brings you here today, Jack?”

“You, darling, you. Wherever you go, I want to be right there with you.”

“Ah, that’s sweet,” Molly said. “How about diamond shopping at Tiffany’s?”

“Say, did we order yet?”


  1. Ah…a conversation between a couple who are either in a long-term, easy-going, committed relationship or who have recently met again after a few years. Hmmmm…

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