The Pullover


Todd Rainey’s dad told him often to obey all of the traffic laws while driving a car. He mentioned that right or wrong, cops pulled over teens faster and that meant fines and higher insurance rates. Todd would be responsible any fines or extra insurance premiums if he was involved in a moving violation.

So when he saw the flashing blue and red lights in his rear view mirror, a sense of dread came over him.

That and anger.

He was obeying the laws, he was sure of it. The cop would surely get a piece of his mind.

As his dad taught him, Todd rolled down the window and put his hands at the 10 and 2 position on the steering wheel. The officer approached with his flashlight and stood a foot behind the door.

“Sir, Officer Davis of the Borough police. May I see your license and registration please?”

While he was digging into his wallet and glove box for both items, Todd started to lay into the officer about his rights and pulling over innocent teens and insurance and back to pulling over an innocent teen.

Todd handed the officer the documents, and his mouth was still running.

Officer Davis looked over both documents and returned them to Todd.

“Mr. Rainey,” the officer said after Todd was finished with his rant. “I couldn’t agree more about the unfairness and insurance and exactly what you said. Have a nice evening.”

Davis took two steps and turned back, “Oh, and Mr. Rainey?”


“You might want to turn on your headlights after it gets dark. It’s better to see and for people to see you. That’s okay. People of all ages forget. I pulled you over to tell you that.”



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