The Other Teacher

The obvious question

He stood at the chalkboard and tried to drill it into the little student squirrels’ heads the importance of E&E, escape and evading techniques.

“Zigzag, zigzag, zigzag, up the tree, across the branch. That’s the name of the survival game. The humans will never know which way you’ll go so you can keep them off guard. But you also have to look both ways because you don’t want to run in front of moving cars. If you’ve got a choice between a moving car or a human, choose the human every time. Most of the time, they’re out for a walk. The car may not be able to stop if you’re in their path. Questions?”

The teacher paused before turning back to the chalkboard.

“Teacher?” squirrel in row 2, seat 3 asked.

“Yes?” the teacher said, turning to see who was talking.

“When’s lunch and what’re we having?”


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