The Jungles of Borneo

Cutting a swath won’t be easy.

He didn’t have far to travel to make his way into open, cleared country. Seemed like only a few small steps really. Justin couldn’t believe the predicament he was now in. How did it get this way? Why was he always fighting against the Jungles of Borneo when it need not be this way?

Out in the clearing, he looked back and shook his head in disgust and regret. True to point, it wasn’t a great distance he had traveled but a most memorable one. He would continue on his journey for the next hour or so not looking forward to what awaited him.

Perhaps someone would be gracious enough to swath a path for him while he was gone. Doubtful since he lived alone, but sometimes neighbors can be thoughtful enough to cut your overgrown grass and trim your scraggly bushes while you’re gone for a morning walk.

It could happen.


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