The Holiday Sampler

Go with the second favorite…every time.

Marla and Seth Rathsman pulled a menu from the wooden rack near the entrance. They had been to this French café a dozen times. The employees greeted them with ‘bonjour’ and even in the bathroom, the loudspeaker taught a few French words, but that was the extent of the café’s Frenchness.

The Rathsmans received a flyer in the mail featuring this year’s Holiday Platter from Thanksgiving to the New Year. For a premium, you could get ample portions of turkey smothered in mushroom gravy, stuffing, and glazed French green beans. If you were hungry for a delicious turkey dinner but didn’t want to cook it yourself, this was the place to go.

“Bonjour. Welcome to The French Bistro. What can I get started for you?”

Seth, still looking at the menu, said “I’m going to go for the turkey bistro sandwich, the whole sandwich I guess, with chips. Oh, and a small drink.”

“Ok. Would that be all?” the cashier said while placing a glass on the counter.

“I’m going to get the Holiday Platter,” Marla said. “I’ve heard it’s very very good.”

“Oh yes, my favorite. Um, unfortunately, we’re out of turkey today, but we could substitute it with chicken or ham or even a second vegetable if you’d like.”

Marla tilted her head at what she heard. “Huh? No turkey? But…isn’t he getting a turkey bistro?”

“Yes, but it’s not real turkey. It’s the processed meat turkey.”

“Ooo. Did you know that, Seth? Hmm. That changes things. I was really hoping for real turkey today. Let me go with what he’s having. A half sandwich, with chips.”

“Good choice. My second favorite.”


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