The Extra Coffee

Did the prank go too far?

Fergy couldn’t decide dark roast or medium roast this morning. She hadn’t slept well last night, but the dark roast might put her on edge before the meeting she was presenting at this morning. She pulled the lever and the dark roast poured a bit thicker and darker than normal.

Looking around, she placed the cup near the dispenser and grabbed another cup. There was no way she would partake of that dark roast today of all days.

The medium roast was fine as it poured, so she put some cream and a lid on and checked out.

  Co-worker Aaron saw the whole thing and followed Fergy back to her cubicle.

“Fergy,” Aaron said. “Were you the one who poured that dark roast and left it by the pot?”

Her eyes darted about. “Uh, uh, who wants to know?”

“That cashier was livid when she saw ‘that waste, that total waste of coffee’ in her own words.”

“You’re lying.”

“Hey, Glenda, you were in the cafeteria just now. What was the cashier lady’s reaction when she saw that abandoned coffee cup?” Aaron asked with a wink.

“Very upset,” Glenda said. “Said she would hunt down that non-paying customer. Wouldn’t want to be in her sights. Ooo. That was something to see. All for a cup of coffee too.”

Fergy said, “What, what should I do, Aaron? Think she’ll come looking for me?”

“Eh, it’s only a cup of coffee. But, it’s kinda like stealing, isn’t it? I dunno, Fergy. Your call. Might wanna go down and pay for the coffee if it’s still there and if she’s still there. I don’t think she would turn it over to the authorities…”

“Authorities? Really?”

Glenda and Aaron watched as Fergy stared at her computer screen, typed out a quick memo, and ran her fingers through her hair several times before pressing Send. With a scowl directed towards Aaron, Glenda wanted the game to end.


She looked up but there was no eye contact.

“Fergy, we’re joking,” Aaron said. “The cashier doesn’t even know you exist. It was all made up.”

“But you…Glenda…I don’t understand.”

Aaron said, “I saw you in the cafeteria leave the cup by the pot and thought I’d see how far it’d go.”

Fergy nodded, looked at Glenda and said, “You’re a really good liar, you know that? I didn’t believe Aaron, but you? Good liar.”

She took a huge breath and said, “But I have a problem now. I just emailed my resignation. Said I was being dishonest in the cafeteria. Today’s my last day, actually my last hour. Rachel accepted it. Excuse me, she wants to see me.”

She got up and walked down the hall towards Rachel’s office. Glenda and Aaron stared at each other, their eyes wide as they watched Fergy turn the corner toward Rachel’s office.

Glenda said, “You need to do something, Aaron. She quit her job over this, this, silly stupid prank.”

Two minutes later, Fergy reappeared.

Aaron and Glenda were still stunned. He said, “I’m, I’m so sorry, Fergy. I’ll go talk to Rachel.”

“Nope. No need to, Aaron. Rachel isn’t even in yet. In fact, she’s on vacation all day.”

Fergy sat down at her desk, took a sip of coffee, and enjoyed not watching the blood drain from the faces of those who tried to prank her.


  1. Fergy really did a number on them! 😂😂 that’s what they get for pranks. Hopefully they learned their lesson.

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