The ER

Er, not so fast…

When Trevor woke in a daze, he looked around at the tubes, machines, and medical personnel near him. It had all the makings of a hospital room.

His eyes darted back and forth looking for someone or something familiar.

“Dr. Norton?” Trevor said with a scratchy, barely audible voice, clearing his throat.

“Ahh, you made it,” Dr. Norton said. “You were very lucky, young man.”


“Relax, Trevor, relax. You had a cardiac arrest – a heart attack – in my office while you were getting a physical.”

Trevor blinked a hundred times trying to process what this man just told him.

Dr. Norton continued, “Lucky for you, Nurse Jody was taking your vitals at the time. Seventeen years in the ER. You should be thankful. She saved your life.”

“Thanks, Doc.”

“Oh no, don’t thank me. I just pass out pills and tell you to lay off deep fried food and desserts. It wasn’t bad as far as heart attacks go. Mild as they say.”

“So, no charge since my annual physical is preventative care?”

“Eh, not so fast,” Dr. Norton said. “The heart attack wasn’t part of the physical. Heart attacks are extra, a lot extra.”

“That’s what I thought.”


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