The Equipment Manager

He learned from the best!

Evan loved being the high school girls’ volleyball equipment manager. He didn’t have great physical skills that would make him a star athlete nor did he want to learn a musical instrument, so he took a path he was suited for. When the position opened, he jumped on the opportunity. It required him to haul volleyballs around, make sure there were plenty of knee and elbow pads available, pump up the balls to regulation specs, and mop up liquid spills on the court – including sweat and blood.

His friends thought it was a lame job, but Evan had a different take on it.

He got to travel with the team and was pals with the team members in classes. No one on the team considered Evan a threat. He was one of them and someone they trusted. In essence, he got to hang out with the cool girls in the school.

That first year he was manager, the team went all the way to the State championships but lost in the first round. They had a great run of the season considering they hadn’t gone to States in 19 years. With only one graduating senior on the team, they could easily see bringing home that coveted trophy next year.

Later in the week after the Championships, Evan texted the team that he and his family were throwing a celebration pool party and barbecue at his place in a couple of weeks. Everyone was invited, including the coaches. Every single team member and coach accepted the invitation.

Yes, Evan had a different view of him being equipment manager for the girls’ volleyball team.

While his classmates were begging for dates, Evan had prospects coming to his home and swimming in his pool.

As it turned out, it was the exact path his father took to get the girls, namely his mother.

Like father, like son.



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