The Elements

Hierarchy on the tree

Big Ball puffed up because he had brothers and sisters nearby as well as a few little cousins. “Tinsel and cousin String Tinsel, you’re not stealing the show like you did last year. Me and my kin folk are taking it this year for sure.”

“Don’t be so sure about that, Ball,” Tinsel said. “You’ve got a lot more competition this year. Check out Little Lights. They’re darling. Cute. They’ll certainly be in contention for Best All Around.”

“Yeah,” the Little Lights said in parallel. “We’re red and blue and white and clear and green and pink.” They flashed on and off twice.

“Clear? Who’s ever heard of a clear light?” Big Ball asked. “White and pink, maybe, but clear?”

“Hey, don’t go picking on our little brothers,” Big Light said. “They’re new to this game. They’ll be fine. The clear light is an aesthetics thing. You wouldn’t understand.”

“Not understand? You obviously have no idea who you’re talking to,” Big Ball said. “We are all about aesthetics. People work all year round on us just for this month. They take their time.”

“But,” Big Light said, “You break too.”

“Sure, but that’s because we’re…delicate.”

“Hey, what about us?” Hook asked. “Don’t we matter at all?”

“Kinda, but you’re more on the support staff side of things,” Big Ball said.

“Alliterate much, Big Ball?” Hook asked.

“Watch your language, there are ladies present,” Big Ball said.

“Thank you,” Lower Level Angel said.

“But I think you’re forgetting once again the Big Daddy of ‘em All.” Tree said. “You did the same last year. And no doubt you’ll forget this year too.”

“Huh? What are you talking about? Nothing is bigger than all of us combined. If we stick together…”

“Right, right, you’ll go places. Look above, my friends, look above.”

And the Elements looked above and there smiling down on them was Star, saying nothing, but not needing to say anything.

“How could we forget?” Skirt said. “Even way down here I can see her beauty, her radiance. Just look at that smile.”


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