The Business

Short Story Day 90 of 365

Greg Chandler looked over his studio equipment: full frame digital camera, 135mm telephoto lens, 75mm mid-range lens, three studio strobes, light stands, six sizes of octagonal and square light boxes, parabolic umbrella, colored backdrops and stand, modeling chair, light modifiers, remote control for the camera, light meter, tripod, monitor, cable from his camera to the monitor, mirror, and remote flash trigger. 

He then opened his laptop to survey his software: digital image editing, batch photo editing, image manipulation, automatic image editing, photo printing, and studio management.

Chandler closed his eyes and thought through all of his gear and applications.

Cameras, lenses, lighting, stands, tripods, software. What else do I need? What else am I missing?

Chandler’s wife interrupted Greg’s thoughts, “So, when you gonna bring in some paying customers, Greg?”


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