The Bully

Short Story Day 25 of 365

Justin was almost off school property when he was shoved from behind. Without seeing who was pushing, he regained his balanced and continued to walk. After a second shove, he turned around to see who it was.

Before he saw who it was, he heard Randy’s voice. “C’mon, ya punk Justypoo. Fight me.”

Randy was a full year older and four inches taller than Justin.

Several other middle school students saw what was happening and egged Randy on.

As Justin backed away, he simply said, “No, Randy, I don’t wanna fight ya.”

“Why, ya chicken? You afraid of me?”

Justin looked around at the growing crowd of kids, clamoring to see some school yard action. Their taunts were loud and becoming vulgar. He really had two options and neither of them had happy endings.

“Yeah, I’m afraid of you,” Justin said, as he turned away and continued his walk home three blocks away.


  1. Bravo, Justin! For a few seconds there, I was hoping for a display of superior defense moves by Justin; however, “walk-away” was the best option–leaving our imagination to create many reconciliation conversations between the two boys.

    1. Everyone expected superior no-training-required superior moves from Justin. That’s not real life. thanks for reading and commenting, Maria.

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