The Body Clock

Short Story Day 142 of 365

Slim began to stretch as only he could do. He uncurled and peeked his head out into the warm air.

“Finally,” he said as he raced back inside to alert the family. His body clock said sixty-five degrees and getting warmer

They began to rise and the light shone through as the sun heated everything.

Everything was different.

“It’s not time to get up yet, is it, Papa?” the smallest of Slim’s brood asked.

“Absolutely. Gotta love Texas.”

“Dear, it’s only February,” the Mrs. said. “I just know it. How is it that it’s 64 degrees? How is that possible?”

“The only explanation I can give is that ‘it’s Texas.’ That’s how it rolls down here.”

“But, Dear, we wouldn’t want to get caught, er, flatfooted if the temperature drops like it was about three winters ago,” the Mrs. said. “Remember how the entire Johnson family just couldn’t go anywhere, well, forever after the blizzard wiped them out almost without warning. Then there was the rainstorm that swept away everything about the Carlsons. Everything they owned just floated on by and so did they. Did you ever hear where they relocated to?”

“Somewhere in Plano, I believe. A couple of days from here. Yes, I do remember those incidents. But this time it’ll be different,” Slim said. “We just need to get out and get back to life.”

The Mrs. peeked her head out too. Of course it was only 7 am and 65 degrees, but she knew from experience that the temperature only went up from there until the late afternoon.

“No, Slim. Let’s keep ‘em inside. Let them sleep. No use getting caught without anywhere to go. It’s February.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. I sure am hungry though. Tell you what. Keep the little ones inside and I’ll go foraging this morning. Promise I’ll be back just after noon. That way y’all can sleep in.”

“Fair enough. I’m a bit hungry myself. But one thing, Dear. Snakes don’t say y’all, even in Texas.”

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