The Birthday Wish

Short Story Day 125 of 365

Alaina turned all of five today, surrounded by seven friends and at least one parent from each household.

The Bannisters supplied the party hats, ribbons, banners, signs, chicken nuggets, fries, ice cream, and cake. The Birthday Girl would open her presents after eating the unicorn-themed cake.

But first, Mr. Bannister lit the candles, turned out the lights and brought the cake in to eight cheering kids.

After leading them in a simple round of Happy Birthday, Mrs. Bannister said, “Make a wish and blow out the candles.”

Alaina closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“Uh,” Mrs. Turner, mother of the Turner twin girls, said. “Do you think we should be eating the cake after Alaina blows her germs all over it?”

Several parents nodded in agreement and said, “Good point. Good point.”

Mrs. Bannister looked in disgust at the parents and said, “Terrible point. Alaina, make a wish and blow out the candles. If your friends and their parents don’t wanna eat cake, that’s their choice. Make that wish, Honey. It’s your day!”

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