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Short Story Day 161 of 365

They walked around in the cemetery, just Grandpa and grandson, looking at the monuments and markers and markings.

The one-date or same-date markings were the most curious to the six-year-old.

“Grandpa, what about when two stones have a date on one and the same on the other? Were they in an accident and died on the same day?”

“Possibly. Depends. See that one over there next to the one with the American flag on it?”

“Yeah, let’s get closer.”

They walked closer to the stone he was pointing to.

Samuel Adam Jefferson

January 5, 2015-January 6, 2015

Rachel Anne Jefferson

September 18, 1985-January 6, 2015

“What’s it mean, Grandpa?”

Grandpa looked away.



“Are you okay?”

Grandpa nodded but still had his face turned away from Jayson’s.

“Jefferson. Are you, are we related to them?”

“Yes, Jayson. Let me ask you, what do you think it means, especially the one day?”

“A baby. That’s sad, Grandpa. The baby only lived for one day. Poor thing. Maybe that was his mom. She died the same day too.”

“Same day,” Grandpa Jefferson whispered. “Same day.”


  1. Kids have amazing imaginations. If you don’t fill int the blanks with the truth, they’ll fill in the blanks with something possibly worse.

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