Rounding Up

Charlie waited in the seat nearest the counter for his food. He could hear banter between employees as well as the counter and drive-thru cashiers taking orders and processing payments.

A slim and tall teen took the drive-thru customer orders and payments. In only a few short minutes, Charlie watched the kid process four customers, but Customer 5 caught his attention.

As he was undoubtedly required to say to the previous four customers, so the teen told Customer 5: “Sir, your order comes to $7.07. Would you care to round up to the nearest dollar to donate to the American Children Cancer Fund?”

The teen stared at the cash register, winced twice, closed his eyes, shook his head several times, and then bit his lower lip as he listened.

Thirty seconds of silence in the restaurant passed.

“Sir,” the teen said. “I’ll put you down as a ‘no.’”


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