Robbery In Progress

Short Story Day 164 of 365

Sheila was frantic when she finally dialed 911.

“9-1-1, what is the nature of your emergency,” Amy the operator asked.

“I’d like to report a robbery in progress. I’m very upset about it.”

“Are you in any danger, Ma’am?” Amy asked.

“Yes, I am in danger of losing all of my life savings. And I know the perpetrators are wasting it on lavish and useless things. I just know it.”

“May I have your name and address please.”

“Sheila Merkins, 552 Shady Oaks in Dallas.”

“I have dispatched a police squad to your location,” Amy said. “Until they arrive, could you explain your situation if you are able?”

“Of course. I’m a retiree living on Social Security and some of my late husband’s pension. Not much but enough to keep me afloat.”

“Yes, go on. I’m listening. So, you’re saying you know the perpetrators?”

“Absolutely. And I’m fed up. They come and steal from me and no one ever does anything about it. They lie to me. They cheat me. They’ve misused all the money I’ve ever given to them. In fact, they’ve been holding me and my husband – God rest his soul – at gunpoint for 50 years with no end in sight. And they’ll expect me to vote for them in two years. Can you believe it? They want more. Don’t they have enough already? They’re probably taking your money too.”

Overheard in the background, “Dispatch to Dallas 2982, cancel squad to Shady Lane.”

“I’m sorry,” Sheila said. “Did I just overhear you say you’re not sending someone over to arrest these people? They’re thieves, I tell you.”

“Calm down, Mrs. Merkins. Unfortunately, it’s legalized thievery. We elect them and they continue. When we stop electing thieves, the thievery goes away.”

“I didn’t elect them.”

“Somebody does. Actually, a lot of somebodies do.”

“Can’t you stop this madness?”

“I wish I could,” Amy said. “Ever thought of running for office, Mrs. Merkins?”

“What? And join in with those crooks? No thank you. I have integrity.”

“I’m sure you do, Mrs. Merkins. That would be a welcome character trait.”


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