Ride the Chariot

Short Story Day 126 of 365

“Hey, Cindy, watch me do this and then you can do it too.”

Wendy stood up and steadied herself.

“To the left,” Wendy said, leaning over the chariot and banging on the side.

“No, no, to the other left, the other left,” said Wendy again, banging harder on the side. “Faster, faster. Come on, you’re not listening.”

Cindy stood and balanced herself on Wendy. Then she said, “No, no, Wendy. All wrong. To the right.” Cindy banged the chariot on the other side. “What are you doing? Go straight ahead.”

She then pulled Wendy down and they wrestled for a few seconds.

“Hey, what’s this?” Wendy said as she hit her head on a box. She picked up the box and tossed it overboard, and then a plastic package.

“Hey, Wendy. Want one of these?” Cindy reached out and grabbed a bag and put it in the chariot.

“Get another, Cindy. And another. One more just to see if he notices.”

“Ah, he won’t notice,” Cindy said. “See, he’s so busy singing our praises to notice. Grab that dark bottle.”

“Oops,” Cindy said out loud as the glass bottle was too heavy for her and slipped from her hands and crashed.

“Girls, girls. Now look what you’ve done. Sit down. Right now! We’ll have to pay for that. Tsk. And that’s organic juice, the expensive kind.

“Wait. What have you girls done behind my back? I didn’t put any dried pineapples or chocolates or gum in the cart? And where’d the crackers and pasta go? It’s back there on the floor.”

He sighed.

“I sure wish I knew what you’re giggling and laughing about. Those Terrible Twos. You girls are just so naughty in a grocery store.

“Adorable with those pink bows in your hair and matching outfits, but naughty.”


  1. Ah-hah! And you thought all that “baby talk” was just a lot of nonsense. Keep an eye on those twins–during the terrible twos, especially.

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