One by One

Adapt and adjust, adapt and adjust…

Adam tapped someone in front on him and said, “Hey, Pal, where we headed?”

“Don’t know. No one tells me anything around here.”

He looked to the rear. “Any ideas where this conga line goes?”

“Conga line? That’s funny. Not a clue. Let me know when you find out.”

A roving guard, someone pacing back and forth, passed him by.

“Hey, Buddy,” Adam said, “Where are we going?”

“We just go where the Boss tells us. Sometimes he doesn’t even tell us. He just leads. You new here?”

“No, not really. Last place I went was somewhere so sweet we almost died before we could get away.”

“Well, figure on us doing the same here too. Nature of the beast, so to speak.”

“How many are ahead of us?”

The guard looked ahead and squinted. “Oh, I can see about two, maybe three thousand. But I also see it, The Prize. The line’ll go quick. Relax.” The guard smiled.

The guard said, “Oh, it’ll be worth it. Just keep moving and on the double too. You’ll get your turn. Quickly, fill in the spaces. Come on, now, folks. Let’s keep this line moving. You get big enough and maybe you can lead all of us. Keep moving. Whoop! Go around the boot print. Ignore the bodies. Repeat, ignore the bodies. Focus on The Prize. A kid dropped a dollop of chocolate ice cream on the sidewalk. The greedy guys before you already devoured the cherry, so you can blame them. Plenty of it to go around for all of us. A little warm, but oh so chocolaty. Adapt, ants, adapt. That’s what we do. That’s who we are. This is not rocket science. Adapt and adjust.”


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