Of Birds and the Sounds They Make

Why do ornithologists have all the fun?

“I’ve got an interesting question to ask,” Greg said at the breakfast table.

“I’ll be the judge of that,” Tanya said. “Pass the orange juice please.”

“So, this morning as I was thinking of getting up, I heard all these birds chirping and calling and carrying on…”

“Oh this is gonna be good,” said Tanya.

“No, the question is, how do they know to do that at say, 4:30 or 5 each morning? Is it their internal wiring? It seems like they all do it, so is there like one bird that starts the ball rolling and then they all wake up and start their sounds?”

“Maybe they smell worms as they’re peeking their tiny heads out of their holes,” Tanya said. “When do the worms get their cue, is it based on the birds chirping? Classic case of chicken and egg. Sounds better than worm and bird.”

“Now you’re making fun,” Greg said. “See, mine’s a legitimate question and you’re making light of it.”

“Have you searched online for it? Perhaps some ornithologists or whatever the bird scientists are called have already unveiled that mystery and it saves us the trouble?”

“Naa, haven’t bothered to do that yet, but I will before the morning’s up,” said Greg.

“What I find more fascinating,” Tanya said, “is people who spend their lives studying these things to be able to come up with answers like the one you’re searching for.”

“Big irony, isn’t it?

“What’s that?” Tanya asked.

“Those who study how birds communicate probably aren’t exactly social butterflies themselves. Telling someone they study how birds talk to each other doesn’t exactly put you in with the social elites now, does it?”

“That’s funny, Greg. Good observation, too.”



  1. Interesting I always wondered the same thing. Maybe there like us starting each day with activities and routines. 🙂

  2. i like to go out with bird watchers, even though I can’t count myself as a real “bird watcher” and I find it ironic how the birds we’re watching talk so much while the bird watchers are a bit more reserved 🙂

    god bless – good to see you again Dave!

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