Isn't it?

A simple question from a passing stranger

With arms pumping high and fast, Jordan was almost home. He had been fast walking for 45 minutes, and had another 15 to go this Saturday evening. Three times throughout the week, he walked for 30 minutes and doubled it on Saturdays. It was his way of getting and staying in shape. No change in diet, just maintained the exercise regimen.

Normally at this time of the evening, he passed dogs and their masters, older couples, and occasionally families out for a stroll.

Tonight, though, a man about his age approached, and the two exchanged greetings.

“Beautiful evening, isn’t it?” the man asked.

He continued his casual gait, looking around at the trees and into the sky with a smile as broad as the horizon. The man was not in a hurry for he was taking in the evening and its surroundings.

Of the thousands of thoughts that crossed Jordan’s mind in that 45-minute walk, the 60-degree temperature and phenomenal sunset had not surfaced as one of those thoughts. Jordan was focused on checking an exercise box as he had done for the past few years.

In fact, he had checked dozens of boxes throughout the day, each one leading to the next and doing it all over again the next day. Jordan’s life was eerily similar to the proverbial hamster on the exercise wheel.

Jordan lowered his headsets and slowed his pace.

“Yes, I believe it is,” said Jordan. “Thanks for the reminder.”


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