Thanks for stopping by.

My name is David Miller and I am the sole writer for this website. All content is mine.

Since January 1, 2022, I have published a short story each day. The first year I published them on the Substack platform, and in late February 2023 I purchased the domain DailyShortStories.com and began publishing here instead.

I publish original and clean fiction. I don’t write fantasy, erotica, horror, or witchcraft. You can find any of that and more elsewhere. It’s just how I write and think.

My fiction is usually 200-700 words and is considered “flash fiction.” I have an entire file full of stories that are fewer than 30 words but I’m saving them for special times.

My genre is “slice of life vignette” if there is such a thing. All the stories are fictitious though a hint of truth from situations is in every one of them. Some of my closer friends may recognize large portions of the stories because they lived through some of it.

I often conclude with a humorous twist. Most people reading these stories have experienced some of the same things as the characters in my stories. They can relate.

I read and try to respond to all comments. Love to hear your thoughts.