A Compliment

“I can go for a full month on a good compliment,” Mark Twain.

Ted and Bill talked about the long string of 100 degree days as they waited for the elevator. It looked like the streak would continue into the foreseeable future. They were just thankful to be in the air conditioned building, and it was a tad cool at that.

When the elevator doors finally opened, Ted took a step forward and lifted his head. There before him was a 30-something brunette wearing a cream, beige, and pink floral print cotton dress that flowed freely towards her ankles. She looked up to see which floor she was on. No one else was in the car.

“Wow,” Ted said. “That dress is stunning. Absolutely gorgeous!”

The woman managed a smile and a polite thank you, but her face betrayed her modest thanks. It had already turned beet red.

The men now faced the elevator doors and continued talking.

After all three departed the elevator on the First Floor, Bill said to Ted, “You do know that lady’ll be beaming for the rest of the day. Probably longer.”

“Exactly,” Ted said.


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